Thursday, April 03, 2008

Class President

Andy Carter ran for class president this week. Deanna made some cookies and I printed up some fliers for him to deliver to each of his classmates to persuade them to vote for him. Here is the little Flyer.

The first round of voting was completed on Monday and it ended in a virtual tie. The teacher announced that the voting was too close to call. (where have we heard that before?!) There were three students that were absent that day so the three students would have to vote on Tuesday which could decide the outcome of this election. I guess you could call them Super Delegates!

So, to make a long story sort, I am please to announce that the wait is over, the results are in, the dangling chads have been reviewed. Andy Carter has officially been elected Class President of Mrs. Noah's 5th Grade Class.

Andy would like to thank all of the little people involved in his campaign for President. His first order of business is to make sure that everyone in class gets the opportunity to be first in line when going to lunch. The second order of business is to install a Coke Machine in the back of the classroom and to get student passes to spend their lunch hour in the Teachers Lounge. I think he was making campaign promises he knew he couldn't keep. But, I guess that is politics. *shrug*


Melinda said...

Wahoo Andy!!! Is the beginnings of a public life? I like the teacher's lounge promise the best.

Rachael said...

I didn't even know they had elections for 6th graders. Cool bean though!