Sunday, April 06, 2008


In a feeble attempt to fulfill a commandment from our Prophet, I have planted a garden. We, the kids and I, have planted one whole row of beans. (I think I will be the only one eating this bumper crop of beans). One row of Cantalope. (Which I have never planted before). One row of carrots. (Which I have planted several years but never sprouted). One row of radishes. (which have been my saving grace each year I have attempted a garden). And two rows of peas. (why two rows of peas? I don't know.)

Since Blogging has technically satisfied the commandement to keep a journal, I am hoping that this garden will fill the check box next to my name in heaven that says, "planted a garden".

Here is a picture of the garden.

Click on the picture to enlarge the photo. The green toothpicks are peas, the red is radishes, the blue is carrots, the purple is cantalope and the brown is beans.

I know you were expecting a plot 30 x 100 feet but this is about all I can do right now until I find a roto-tiller. The new and improved garden which I affectionately call gardan version 2.0 will start out in my yard at the end of April.

Stay tuned.


Melinda said...

Good for you. We started the same little plants about a week before Spring Break. So while we were gone, no one watered them. So they mainly died and we'll have to start over. HOpe your Garden 2.0 has better luck.

Marni said...

Before you go too crazy rototilling, see if your library has a book on square foot gardening. Smaller gardens, more yield. Some of the cold things (peas, radishes) can go in the ground now - I've already got peas out. I always plant a whole garden bed because we love to eat them fresh, but I don't like cooked peas so it does nothing for the storage part of it. Oh well.

Rachael said...

You have inspired me. I am going to get my garden going too. I usually do at least tomatoes. The hardest part for me is remembering to water. I know it is Oregon and that is why. I always think it is God's turn to water when it is mine.