Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was talking to a friend the other day about using text messaging to communicate with people. He is a Dad of 5 kids and uses texting to talk with his kids while they are away. He went into a very convincing discussion about how his children could be on a date or at a movie and he could still be in contact with them through text messages. He knows where they are and what they are doing. He uses it the most with his teen age daughter and says it has kept them close. I queried him about how many message he or she would send per month. He said that he tries to keep her from sending more than 3000 per month. WOW, that is like 100 texts per day. I don't think I could even thumb and finger out that many pithy comments if I tried. I asked him about how much it cost to have the text service and he just replied that he has a plan with unlimited texting.

Anyway, a few days later I decided to try out my texting skills while taking my daughter to Sun Valley for a clogging performance. So, I sent a text message to Deanna every once in a while letting her know where we were and what was happening. I sent text's like this, "Were almost there", "its raining", "We R stopping at McD's". She would reply quickly and it was quite fun. After about 5 text's she sent this message, "Did you know it costs $.05 per text?". Well, that did it for me, I was done sending texts.

Today, I pondered over the idea that with our cell phone plan, maybe we had free texting between phones on the same network, "Sprint". So I called. I found out that Texting is not free between Sprint users, AND, THEY CHARGE $.20 PER TEXT FOR BOTH SENDING AND RECEIVING!!!!! WHAT!!!!!

Anyway, I thought it was Blogworthy, so I wrote it up and posted it.

Article from the New Era about Texting.


Melinda said...

We've been debating the text issue here too. We have 3 phones on a family plan and Verizon wants $30 per month for unlimited texting. That is SOOOOOOOo much. WE are still in debate mode, but maybe your friend is onto something. Our boys won't be under our wings as much now. Hmmmmmmmmmm. What to do?

Rachael said...

We have blocked texting on the kids phone. I don't think it is necessary.

Susan said...

There is a funny ad of TV with this hand that texts all by itself. I see kids texting during sacrament meetings, at conference, at a lecture and during lunch at a restaraunt. What I want to know is.....what on earth do they have to say??? I'd much rather TALK to someone than even email them. I think it is a kid thing that has caught on big. I think you should invent something that hooks into peoples brain and all you have to do is caugh and then anything you are thinking you can thought-transfer to someone else. Glad I'm done!! MOM