Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Our family has a tradition of visiting 3 grave sites during the memorial day weekend. We visit Grandpa and Grandma Carter in the cemetery in Buhl Idaho first. The grave looked well kept but for the first time, there weren't any flowers on the grave when we arrived. Ok, maybe it wasn't the first time but it seemed odd to me. So, we cleaned out the holes where flowers are usually placed, filled it with water and placed our flowers that we brought from home.

After discussing who Grandma and Grandpa Carter were, we went Asparagus hunting. This has always been my favorite part of Memorial Day but this year we were a little worried that we wouldn't find anything because of the late arrival of spring. So, we drove at 5 miles an hour around the back roads of Buhl Idaho in search of the mother load. The first mile we were able to harvest 2 asparaguses (asparagui?). I thought for sure the kids would be board at the slim pickings, but to my surprise, they loved it and wanted to do more. Three or four more miles went by with the same amount of success. By the end of mile 5 we only had about 10 asparagi. The kids wanted to continue to hunt, Deanna and I were ready to go back to Twin. So, I turned the next mile corner to return to the main road when we hit the jackpot. Within a quarter of a mile we picked up 40 asparaguses. The kids were thrilled and wanted to asparagus hunt the rest of the day. Well, we didn't have that kind of time, nor gas mileage so we headed for Twin.

Back in Twin, we visited Grandma Marian's grave back in Twin Falls and then stopped by my Sister's baby's grave. We stopped and talked at each grave, we planted the flowers we brought and enjoyed the casual afternoon with sprinkles of rain. We had a great day visiting these sites and remembering those that came before us. I'm very thankful we have memorial day to make those memories last.


Melinda said...

Thanks for keeping that tradition alive. We were able to go to Gma and Gpa Blake's grave. Then mom showed us how she was related to about everyone else buried there.

And way to hold out for the hidden asparagus row.

Rachael said...

What great memories of my own childhood! I can picture you right now sending Coby to get water from the creek in Buhl.

Clint, I want to thank you for remembering Jeremy on this day. I'm so glad someone was there to represent our family. Your a great brother and uncle.

analee hirschi said...

I am so glad that you went and kept our tradition. I wish we could do something like that on memorial day. our only option was to tour some old cemeteries downtown. but I still missed picking asparagus

Susan said...

We really missed being with you this holiday. Way to go to keep the TRADITION alive. It seemed a little strange to put the flowers on my own parents and grandparents' graves in West Point. As I walked through the headstones I remembered so many of the people who were important in my life. Not only my parents, but, my grandparents and aunts and uncles, my friends parents and even my first piano teacher. What a flood of memories. MOM