Thursday, May 15, 2008

Appreciate your leaders

Tonight we had a Senior Recognition Dinner for the graduating seniors in our ward. The Laurals agreed to do the dinner and the Priests were to put on the show and setup and take down. Well, the dinner was the hard part. Two of the Laural Advisers went to the church at 4:00pm today to setup for the dinner at 7:00pm. The dinner was amazingly delicious. The tables were set, there were center pieces on each table, it looked wonderful. They worked so hard to put it together and to make it special. I, of course, did my part and the night was a success. I mentioned several times to the whole group of how much time and energy went into doing the dinner and the tables and decorations. The leaders really did a great job.

I am particularly sensitive to this issue of appreciating your leaders because about a month ago I learned what it felt like to not be appreciated at all. Here is the story.

There was an Eagle Court of Honor coming up where two of our Young Men were going to receive their Eagle Scout Rank. The day of the event I realized the no one had planned anything for this historic event except to have a speaker and awards. As I thought about the Court of Honor I realized that I needed to do something to make it more memorable. So, I went over to the church an hour and a half early. I took two tents, all of my dutch ovens, fishing pole, shovel, axe, lantern and any other camp gadget or camp gear I had in the garage. I created a mini campsite in the middle of the gym to set the mood for the Eagle Court of Honor. It took a lot of work but when I was done it really looked cool.

Everyone filed into the gym, we had the court of honor and everyone left. No one helped clean up, no one asked who had set the gym up so nice, no one even noticed. I picked up all of my stuff by myself and took it back home.

I now make sure and thank those leaders that have put in time and effort to make these events special.


Melinda said...

It goes WAY beyond leaders, don't you think? We all want says "I see you and know what you do". Mothers need recognition for their 24/7 work at home..........Fathers need recognition for thier daily trip to the office and hard work. And when you do service at school or in the is frosting on the cake to be recognized and thanked.

You'll be a good example to all the youth of being appreciative. Keep it up.

Rachael said...

That is really awesome Clint. I think I might use that idea for Blake's court of honor if you don't mind. Could you bring it all up to Portland and set it up> JK I really like that idea of a campsite. You are not only creative, but thoughtful. Not many people would have thought of these boys and put so much effort info it. Way to go!

Marni said...

NO WAY. You did all THAT?!? Have you been to Wood Badge or somethin'?

'Tis true. So many times we go out of our way with hardly a notice. It was a fabulous idea, one I think that could definitely be stolen by us. Those boys will never forget that. I guess sometimes we have to step back, see what people are getting from it, and take that as thanks enough.