Thursday, May 01, 2008


I know it is hard to believe, but I have been overwhelmed with the mountain of activities and responsibilities that have come my way. It really feels like college finals week every single week. You've been there before, you know you have tests all week. You haven't studied enough and if you study every hour of every day before the test, you know you still won't know enough to get an A in the class. Then, your car breaks down so you have to walk everywhere and you were just reminded that you haven't paid your rent yet. Plus, you have a 40 page report due on Friday which is worth half of your grade. Well, I would really like to go back to finals week. Why you ask?Here is a copy of our schedule for this very week. Keep in mind that all of these things have to be done AFTER we get home from work. I generally get home about 5:00pm and Deanna gets home around 4:00pm.

Monday: family home evening, baseball practice; ship some figurines, dinner
Tuesday: piano for Coby, Piano for Andy, Piano for Savanna, Baseball game, Soccer game, fix dinner
Wednesday: Baseball practice, clogging practice and tryouts, dinner, temple interviews and Mutual, Home Teaching
Thursday: Baseball game, Soccer Game, Temple interview, mow neighbors lawn, ship some figurines, fix dinner
Friday: Date night, and some other stuff I think I forgot, fix dinner for kids
Saturday: Youth Temple Trip to Boise all day long, mow lawn, plant garden do yard work around the house and clean up the disaster that happened all week.
Sunday: FAST SUNDAY!!!!! Meetings, meetings, Fast offerings, High Adventure Meeting.

Ok, am I through? No, I still have many other things that I just couldn't fit into the day. Do I sound a little overwhelmed?
Wouldn't it be nice just to go back to college and have finals week again? I am having finals week every week. AARRGGHH!


Melinda said...

I totally know where you're coming from. Can you imagine being a single parent?

Hey, can you fit in doing me a favor? tee hee

Rachael said...

I am trying to take a new approach... Enjoy it. It will end and you will miss your kids. What does it really matter if you don't make it to all of those things.
I use to get frustrated like that all of the time, but I decided I was the one to make all of those choices. What was I complaining about. My kids were healthy enough to play sports, I was enjoying the comfort of the gospel, we are self sufficient. Clint these are all blessings. Take them as such, not as burdens.

I know you probably wanted empathy. I usually do. But I looked at others I was complaining to, and they didn't have healthy kids, or money to have them in sports, or the gospel, or a job. Most of my burdens are self imposed.

I certainly understand, I am in the throws of the same schedule. Smile. Life is to precious. Sure love you, and wish you were near so I could see your kids play soccer and baseball.