Monday, July 14, 2008

Too Busy to Blog

Yes, that is correct, I have been too busy to blog. I know that you are all as busy or busier than I am but I am doing my best to use it as an excuse for why I have not posted any pithy comments on my blog lately.

I have had a bunch of ideas for a new blog post but I just haven't been inspired enough to jab away at my keyboard to make them a reality.

Andy is playing baseball in the Cal Ripken All Star League. He is on a team called the Americans. They have a game this week up at Moscow. (not Russia, Idaho) The Idaho version of Moscow is pronounced (Moss Ko). Of course, the Russian version of Moscow is pronounced (Moss Cow). Anyway, we hope he and his team does well up in northern idaho.

Coby is just finishing up his Eagle Scout Application. He met with the Scout Master last night to finish his "Scout Masters Conference". He needs just a couple more signatures before he can mail his app to the national headquarters for review. He has started working on an award called "The Congressional Award". This should keep him busy the rest of the summer. He has also been participating in Speed School at Golds Gym. So, Coby has had a busy summer, not including YCC and Scout Camp coming up next week.

Savanna has been clogging and playing the piano all summer. She has had to really learn quickly because she has moved up 2 team levels and is now dancing with cloggers 2 years older than herself. She seems to be picking up the choreography very well.

Katie lost a tooth this week. She is now without one of her front teeth. The other front tooth came in months ago. She can finally start eating food normally and not have to turn her mouth sideways to try and avoid hitting the loose tooth.

Deanna has been playing tennis this summer but with all of the other activities we have going on, she hasn't found much time to practice. She moved up one level in tennis this year and is now wishing she could go back to her old rating so she go back to crushing her opponents instead of being crushed.

The Twin Falls Temple Open House has begun. There are many OOOO's and AHHH's from the members that have taken the tour last week. Our family will be taking the tour in about an hour (literally). I'll give you a report on our reactions. We have already had our first protester but I'm not sure he is doing such a great job at protesting. He just sits on the grass under an umbrella with a small table of pamphlets. I didn't even notice him when I went past the temple on Saturday but Deanna assures me that he was there. We really do feel more legitimate now that we have our own temple protester.

Well, that is about it for me. Sorry there wasn't some wonderful anecdote nor deep thoughtful message involved. I'll think up something clever next time.

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Melinda said...

Thanks for the update and make sure you post your thoughts about your temple tour.
We'll be there in 4 days.