Tuesday, July 29, 2008

High Adventure

High Adventure Camp was at Redfish lake this year. We had 10 venture age young men with us an 3 adult leaders. We camped for a whole week at the far end of the lake shown in the image below as location #3. There are 2 ways of getting to this camp ground. You can hike 2 miles around the lake and camp, or you can take a boat across the lake. Our stake brought up 4 boats and shuttled all of us over to the camping area.

Redfish like is very beautiful and secluded, however, more and more people are visiting each year. I was suprised to find the lodge full of campers on a Wednesday.

While I was there I did a little geocaching. There are about 7 geocaches in this area. One of the caches I found had never been found before. I was the first to find. (which is very cool in the geocaching world)

The week went very well. We took one day and hiked into a lake called "Hell Roaring".
The hike was about 5 miles back and half way through the trek the clouds opened up and delivered a load of water that completely drenched us all. We started to worry about staying the night but after we found shelter for everyone and started a fire, the clouds parted and the sun dried us out. It was a good experience for us all.

The best part of the week was when a return missionary came up and delivered a talk to all of our youth. He was straight forward and talked plainly about a mission. I think all of the boys were affected in a positive way.

Great week for scouters at High Adventure Camp.


Melinda said...

That last picture isn't working. Love to see more. I love REd Fish. I need to take my family there sometime.

Rachael said...

It sounds like a fun experience. I think it is cool that they shuttled you across the lake.