Friday, June 12, 2009


I had to post something about these 2 videos I found on This first video is about a little kid named David and he is coming home from surgery and he is still a little groggy. His dad has a flip video camera and does a quick little video of his son.

You have to watch the first video before you play the second one. After watching the first video I didn't think it was that funny but after watching the second video, I couldn't stop laughing.



Melinda said...

That was so funny!!! I've had to take Luke to the dentist and they gave him some loopy medicine. He did some of the same things. He couldn't walk, and would talk slow. Tom was funny too when he was 3 he would run and run in circles and then come running to me and stroke my face and tell me that he loved me. Then he loved Mike and all the people that walked by.

Tiffany said...

I personally thought the first video was funnier. Is this real life? Seriously hilarious.