Monday, June 29, 2009

Published on KMVT

I was browsing around the cable TV channels one day and I noticed a short ad about posting your own pictures and videos on's web site. The little blurb was about YouNews. YouNews is a section of their web site where anyone can post their local news articles. So, if you catch something interesting on film or photograph, you can post it on YouNews so people can see armature footage and pictures of stuff happening locally. (ok, I think I just said the exact same thing twice but with different words)

I decided to take them up on their challenge so I created a user account and posted a few pictures that I took while in Buhl. If you are a regular blog reader of mine, you may remember the pictures I took of the ice crystals. My article was about the weather and how foggy it had been for several days and then uploaded my pictures. I didn't think anything of it so I checked back once in a while and noticed my pictures were approved. A few weeks passed and while I was talking to my Father-in-Law, he mentioned that he saw my pictures on the news. I took a double take (mentally) and asked "What did you say". He repeated the statement and I asked him what pictures he saw and he described my pictures from Buhl. WOW! What a surprise. My pictures were on KMVT Channel 11 News Twin Falls Idaho. That was very cool. It was too bad I missed it.

I was excited now. I went back home and the next day I posted a couple more pictures of my garden and some flowers. I made a few comments about how much rain we had received and submitted my article. Two days later my Father in Law called me up and said my pictures had made it on KMVT again. RATS! I missed it again. I didn't even think about recording the news to see if my article was mentioned. Here is the YouNews Article I posted.

Now my goal is to post another article and try and catch it on TV.


Jayke Blakk said...

I was wondering why you had the big thing with KMVT. Suddenly, as if the end of the world was coming, you viewed the news, and I thought there was a crash of a relative or something. Now that I know, I'm going to be watching it too! (Hopefully)

Marni said...

Strange that they don't give a little courtesy call to say "Hey! Watch the news at 5:00, we'll be showing your pictures!" You should definitely suggest that, as you are apparently a regular contributor now. You should also ask if they give free t-shirt to their regular contributors.

Clint Carter said...

Great ideas!

Melinda said...

That is awesome. What are you going to post next?

You should post you watching the tv waiting for your post to come on the news......with a caption of "hint, hint"

Clark Draney said...

Melinda is making me laugh today. "hint, hint" indeed.