Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Garage Sale'ing

Last weekend was probably the first warm and dry weekend we have had this summer. Because of this fact, everyone (and their dog) put there "junk" on their front lawn and hammered a sign on the nearest telephone pole announcing a Yard Sale. With this many temptations posted everywhere, my daughter couldn't help but nag me and nag me to go garage sale'ing. So, with a great deal of reservation, I decided to take her and Andy on a short trip around the block.

I had already convinced myself that we really wouldn't find anything useful and I was trying to decide how to tell Savanna that she didn't need any more stuffed animals. After the first couple of yard sales, we had come up empty. It was late in the day and all of the "good stuff" was already gone. I had my eye on a punching bag but I knew that $50.00 was way more than I wanted to spend on something I would never use.

After just a couple more stops I was wondering up a driveway, minding my own business and almost effortlessly browsing over pile after pile of used clothes when I noticed a bread maker. At first glance it looked very clean. I decided right there that if it was $25.00 I would buy it. I drew closer and noticed the sticker that stated, "Brand New $10.00". Oh no. I was now faced with a difficult decision. The price was less than I would have paid for it and, it was Brand NEW! I walked up to the makeshift checkout counter and asked about the bread maker. I knew that I could get myself out of this jam if I asked for the manual and they could not produce it. Upon the request, the salesman dipped into the house for the search. To my surprise, he exited triumphantly from the swinging door with the manual in hand. My final ditch effort to leave the sales floor with my money in my pocket was to offer him half of what was marked on the sticker. "Would you take 5 bucks for it?" I asked timidly. He immediately said "Sure, its yours!". That is when I knew, I paid way too much. I borrowed the 5 dollars from Savanna and walked home with my new Bread Maker.

We have made 3 loaves of bread so far and everyone loves the warm moist bread. I guess garage sale'ing isn't so bad after all.


Melinda said...

What? no video to capture the moment of sale? no video to demonstrate the use of the new purchase? no video of your kids as actors enjoying the new bread? I'm disappointed.

But proud that you bid him down. That is what a true garage saler would do.!!!

Clark Draney said...

Nice post! Melinda's right though. We're all a bit disappointed that there is no video.

You inspired me to try my hand at a simple video, you know.

You inspire me to dig out my bread maker. I'm hankering for some warm bread myself.

Susan said...

That is truly the diary of the garage sale. What is it in us that wants to get a DEAL. I have that disease and have suffered from it for years. AND it seems that I have passed it on generously to my children. I'd almost rather go garage saleing than go to the movies or a park. My mother always said "It's an old Western idea to get the most ya can."