Friday, July 10, 2009

More pics of Yellowstone

Since my last post had hardly any pictures of the family, I decided to put up one more web log with pictures from our Yellowstone trip.

Everyone starts out EXCITED for Yellowstone Park!

One of our first stops of the trip to see a Mother and Baby Elk.

Deanna and Katie with the Mom and baby elk behind them. You can just barely see the elk's heads in the grass behind them.

The kids by a herd of bison.

Me and the kids at Old Faithful.

The whole family at the Canyon at Yellowstone Park.

Everyone is POOPED after visiting Yellowstone Park!


Melinda said...

Yeah, lots of smiles in the last picture. That's us too.
Yellowstone.....I still haven't forgiven it for a horrible time the year we drove to move here from Ohio. Miserableness!
So i'm glad you found some fun there!

Susan said...

What fun to go to Yellowstone! I loved going there when I was a little girl. My cousin and I would go down to Yellowstone Lake and play in the water. My family never went camping so it was quite exciting for me to be camping with my aunt and uncle. It's exciting to see the wild animals in their natural habitat and feel the peace of the wind through the forest trees or hear the splash of Old Faithful. Lots of great smells too. It's too bad that by the end of such a fun trip that everyone is tired and grumpy. Makes me wonder how well we'd get along if we had to walk to Utah to be with the main body of Mormons or walk to Boise to set up a new branch of the church. Even Lehi's group murmured. And such it is!