Thursday, December 10, 2009

Savanna Clogging

Every year Savanna's clogging team prepares a dance for the Festival of Trees. This year was no different. Savanna loves clogging and dancing. She is one of the youngest dancers out there on stage. Even though she is young, she has been able to learn the steps and moves without any problem. If she continues, she will be one of the best cloggers in the studio that is her age. BTW, her dance studio is named "Rocky Top Cloggers".

Enjoy the video.


Melinda said...

i keep thinking every year that I should get tara and even Meg into tap or clogging. Why dont I get that done?!!!

Savanna looked great.

analee hirschi said...

Keep it up Savanna, you are awesome. There are some tough moves in there and you looked great!!! I love clogging. YIP!!!

Marni said...

Fun! Fun!

I think yodeling is totally cool, but towards the end of the song I kept thinking that would get really old having to listen to over and over and over for practicing.

I hope you waved on your way past!

Susan said...

Way to go Savanna!!!! That looked really hard to do but you are so good at it. I know this will continue to be fun and you'll have some exciting times perfecting your programs. Wish we could have been there to clap REALLY LOUD!! Miss you guys.