Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Best of 2009

I decided to put together my favorite stuff of 2009. You know, Hollywood puts together their best movies, best music, best actor, best blah blah blah. For some reason the average "joe" never gets mentioned on these type of compilations of awards. News programs also offer the best stories of the year or the best event of the year. Barbra Walters did a "10 most fascinating people of 2009" just a few days ago so, I decided to do my own "best of" for 2009.

Therefore, I have put together the "best list" which will include all of my favorites in a few different categories.
1. My Favorite Videos (that I produced)
2. My Top Blog Posts (that I wrote)
3. My Top Selling Figurines on
4. My post with the most comments
5. My mosts viewed video on YouTube
6. Favorite new websites

Here we go:

My Favorite Video I posted on YouTube this year - Banadana and Was Up!


2. My Top Blog Posts

* DMJ The Department of Mirth and Joviality

* Pants


3. My Top Selling Figurines on
* Kayak Figurine
* Optometrist Figurine


4. My post with the most comments

* Am I alone (8)
* Pants (8)
* Ghosts on my Computer (6)
* Suspicious Dog 6
* Whas Up! (5)


5. My mosts viewed video on YouTube

Carters Get A Wii! (480 views)

The Super Nerf War (228)

Lower Falls at Yellow Stone Park (134)


6. My favorite new websites:



Melinda said...

great memories!!!!! I love the videos.

Susan said...

We love your blogs and most of all your videos. We feel like we are right there participating. Wow, you've really had a GREAT year. The challenge is to OUT_DO last year and produce videos for this year. I think Coby got his writing talent from YOU. You are the Carter director of movie shorts. I'll vote for you.