Friday, August 28, 2009


This is a little embarrassing to mention but it is kinda funny and maybe there are some people that have run into the same problem.

Yesterday morning I woke up and found a bunch of folded clothes on the bed. There were teeshirts, polo shirts and pants all folded neatly in a stack. As the clothes teetered, I decided to put them all in their rightful place. I picked up the shirts, hung some, stuffed some in a drawer. I picked up the pants and placed them in my drawer nice and neat. I then went through my regular routine of taking a shower, combing my hair, brushing my teeth etc. I went back into the bedroom and grabbed one of the polo shirts I had just put away and the jeans that were on top in my drawer. Everything was going well. My shirt felt a little snug but it always does after it has been washed, plus, I wear a "medium" polo shirts which, I am told by "What not to wear", is what size I should be wearing. (What's wrong with being a medium?) I then put on my pants and took out my belt. As I put my belt on, the belt hit the leather tag at the back, which it normally doesn't do, but I dismissed it without a second thought.

As I was leaving for the day, I grabbed by keys, wallet and cellphone (these are my weapons of war in the modern day battle). I guess I didn't notice until I put my wallet in, that my back pocket really wasn't big enough. I thought that was kind of funny but washing jeans always does funny things to your clothes. I walked out to the car and put my hands into my pockets for my keys and I noticed that my front pockets seemed a little small. Well, they were regular size but not as deep. Again, I dismissed it and drove off to work.

Once I was at work, my brain kept giving me subtle hints that something was amiss with my pants. My brain kept on reminding me that the pockets were small, there was a leather label on my pants and my wallet just doesn't fit like it normally does. I knew it could not be true, but my brain had assessed the citation and told me that I was wearing Deanna's jeans. I didn't want to make a big deal about it at work as it might cause way too much imbarrassment for myself. And I wasn't about to go to a job site with the possibility of having someone notice that I had women's jeans on. So, I picked a suitable time to leave and ran home for a few minutes to confirm my suspicions.

On arrival, I took off the pants, and looked for a tag. If the tag said size 12, they were womens, if they said size 32X32 they were mens. I looked at the brown leather tag on the back of the jeans and it said Ralph Lauren (Could that be a guy's jean label?) Ralph is a guy isn't he? However, there is a Lauren name on it too which sounds very much like a woman's name. This tag didn't help we with my sleuthing. Finally, a tag with the size, (12). RATS, I had accidently put on my wife's jeans again. I grabbed another pair of pants, put them on and everything was right with the world again.

Deanna's currently wears a slim and trim size 10 jean. The size 12's that are mentioned in the above post are her old pants that no longer fit her.


Tiffany said...

I just posted a little bit ago about Lacey wearing jean capris all day that were really 12 month pants of Cassidy. So funny. I'm glad you got through your day without anyone noticing. BTW-Ralph Lauren can be girl or boy.

Susan said...

Oh how lovely is that??? I think you must have looked wonderful in your size 12's. I thought they were going to be Coby's. So was the shirt hers as well???

Melinda said...

That was hilarious. I liked how you said "I was wearing Deanna's jeans AGAIN!!!" Twice is WAY TO OFTEN.
You need a clothes bucket with your name on it for all your folded clothes.

analee hirschi said...

that is awesome. i wear David's clothes and he hates it.
I love your sunflower, I can't beleive how big it is and I love the video montage of the family reunion. it is great!

Holby said...

You had me rolling, Clint. That's good stuff.

Jill said...

Clint...I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. You are hilarious and always make me laugh...thanks!

Deanna said...

Ummmm, for the record...those were my old pants that were 12s! I had worn them to clean the fair booth and they are too big for me! I wear a 10!

Marni said...

I was wondering, how dead were you when Deanna read your post with her pant size blazed through it? That should be in the husband handbook or something.