Saturday, August 01, 2009

In Memory of Grandpa Wardle

Last weekend Deanna's Father, and our Grandpa Wardle passed away. He died doing what he loved best, serving his family, and driving his favorite truck. Grandpa Wardle was a no nonsense kind of guy that would give you the shirt off of his back if you asked for it. He loved all of his children and grand children equally and would do or give anything to make sure they were happy. Grandpa Wardle always had a story to tell about his family, his work, or his friends. When he was on a roll, his local Idaho accent came ringing through giving you a sense of comfort, like you were home sitting on the couch. Grandpa Wardle was always up for fixing your car if you had any trouble. I can remember several stories told when he would get up in the middle of the night to rescue a stranded son or daughter when their car broke down. Personally, I remember having Grandpa Wardle help me replace the U join on my little Honda Civic. After many mild cursings of "Cotton Picker" and "Pot Licker"'s, we were able to remove all of the pieces and parts, and put it all back together again.

Our kids loved Grandpa Wardle. He would take them to McDonalds and would always offer to go to the store to buy us "mugs". We have decided to remember Grandpa Wardle by going out to the store and buying mugs every year. He was definitely a quiet strength for our family.

We will miss Grandpa Wardle. When I think about him, I can still feel his spirit and it gives me peace.


Marni said...

What a wonderful tribute, sorry about your loss. I need to hear more about this mug thing. Just a mug, like a drinking mug? Or is there more behind it? I'm always up for fun things.

Melinda said...

Mom and dad said his funeral was really nice and was a great tribute to him.
What do you mean by "mugs"? Like coffee mugs? or does that mean something else?

Clint Carter said...

Clair Wardle (Grandpa) would save up big mugs from Maveric or 7-11. Every time we stopped by, he would load all of the mugs (not coffee mugs but those 2 liter soda pop mugs) into this pickup and run off to the local gas station to fill them up. He would take down everyone's order and bring them back so we could all sip our favorite pop and enjoy each others company.