Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oquirrh Temple

I thought I would post a quick picture or two about the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple. Before our family reunion, we decided to take the kids down to SLC and let them walk through the temple before it was dedicated. A friend of mine told me that whenever they had a temple open house that was fairly close to Idaho, they always tried to make a trip with the kids to go see it. The idea being that they really will not be able to see the inside of a temple until they are ready to get married or go on a mission. So, what a great way to get them familiar with the temple.

One last thing. They had some big tents setup to view a quick video and another tent setup for a reception. Our kids commented that it was the "Nicest tent they had ever been in". It was like a Harry Potter tent where you think it is going to be this small tent with white walls and when you walk in, it is like you stepped into a palace.

Here are some pictures of our visit.


Melinda said...

That was a cool temple. I loved how it sat up on a hill infront of the mountain. You could see it for miles.....and even from the freeway.
Let's go to the n ext open house together. I think there is one in Rome Italy :)

Susan said...

I want to go to the Rome Temple too. Please invite me. The Oquirrh Mountain Temple is really majestic sitting on the hill. I think you have the best teaching tool by inviting your family to feel the special spirit that is within the temple walls and to see how beautiful and special it is inside. The more they understand the importance and spirit of the temple, the more they will treasure the experience when they are ready to go.