Friday, August 14, 2009

Red and Brown

I have to be very careful today. I have decided to wear a combination Brown Slacks with a Red Polo shirt. For some reason, when I wear this combination of clothing, I have this very intense urge to shop at Target.

When I arrive at Target, I enter the doors and start on my usual path to the electronics department. (I love looking for good deals on cell phones and computer equipment) On my way, I inevitably get stopped several times by other shoppers. I don't know why, but when I wear the red and brown duds, I become the most knowledgeable person in the store. People stop me to ask where things are, ask for prices on items, and ask for directions to the bathrooms. I don't quite get it.



Tiffany said...

Your pic popped up before I could read your blog and I thought Hey why is Clint working at Target now?

Melinda said...

I would probably stop you too. Taget copycatter.
I like your new blog duds too.

I wish i felt the desire to blog....even about my clothes. But i'm just not there. maybe i'm so behind that it hurts my brain.
encourage me!!

Susan said...

I think you SECRETLY do work at Target!! I think you have a whole other life as a Target employee. You quietly save that money so that you can escape Twin Falls and live as a Target employee in Michigan. I've got my eye on you now!