Saturday, August 15, 2009


During the school year last sping, Katie's teacher gave everyone a sunflower seed. They took time in class to talk about sunflowers and then each of them took a small paper cup, dumped some dirt inside and then planted their own sunflower. They left their little miniature gardens in their classroom until the end of school. Each of them carefully took their little sunflower home to watch it grow over the summer. At this time, the little sun flower was only a few inches tall.

At that point, Katie delivered her sunflower into my care. I wasn't sure what to do with it so I decided to take it out into my sprouting garden and plant it in the ground. I had no faith nor hope that this little plant would survive in the harsh outdoor environment after basking in the warm inviting climate controlled classroom. Nevertheless, we found a spot in the garden and plopped the sprout in the dirt.

Over the summer, I watched it grow, still not thinking much about the flower. I began to take serious notice of this plant after it had grown to about chest high. As it continued to grow and tower over my 5'10" frame, I knew we had something special. I took Katie out one evening and took a video of her with her sunflower. We quickly uploaded it to YouTube, and send a link to her teacher which was overjoyed to see that at least one of those sunflowers from class had reached maturity.


Susan said...

Congratulations Katie!! I think this looks like "Katie and the Bean Stock". Be sure not to climb it because remember there is a giant up there.
PS Very nice garden Clint!!

Melinda said...

that is huge!!! OUr little plants we get from school or primary usually never grow. So that is amazing.
Do you think you will have sunflower seeds to eat? What season do you harvest a sunflower?Does it die after the summer or does it survive the winter and keep growing next year?
You better do your research!

Bryan and Jennifer said...

Holy Cow! What a giant sunflower. Must be the biggest I've ever seen. What kind of jumbo magic plant food have you been sprinkling in the garden? Nice garden too. Love the videos that you add in.