Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Over 200 Posts?

I know, it sounds crazy but I swear to you that I have posted over 220 posts on this blog. NO WAY...... WAY!

Now this may not seem like much but I also must bring up the fact that I have also been keeping another blog fully stocked with anecdotes, stories, jokes and personal thoughts. That other blog is http://www.ldsfamily.net. And, to give you even more perspective on how much blogging I have been doing, I have also started another blog just to post stuff on, for my web store where I sell metal figurines. Yes, I started a blog solely for profit. It is http://www.metalcraftstore.com and it is a website dedicated to tell people about my webstore eCarters.com. So, if any of you out there in the bloggosphere think you are overwhelmed by keeping one blog going, just think of little old Clint blogging his brains out month after month so that 2 people out there can read it and one person can buy an overpriced figurine made of nuts and bolts and various misfit metal pieces.

Maybe sometime in the future, my work will become popular and I can make a living by just typing up random stuff that happens to me in my life. At this point, I highly doubt it because I don't feel like my writing is getting any better. It is the same dribble that I wrote 220 blog posts ago.

I just had a de ja vu, well, not a de ja vu because I didn't remember it, I guess I just realized that my son had written this same post last week and now it seems all to familiar. Ok, maybe he didn't write a post like this, but as I re-read it, it looks like something he would write.


analee hirschi said...

that sure is impressive, so many blogs, so many stories... way to go

Melinda said...

did you go back and count.....up to 200? or is there a blog entry counter you found that did it for you? :)

Clint Carter said...

When you go into edit a blog post, it shows how many previous posts you have.

Susan said...

You are a prolific writer! I honestly think you should write a book!! Your blogs are always so intertaining and sometimes out right funny. People who do that are millionares!! Get busy...pick a subject and get going. If you had been writing a book instead of blogging, you would be on page 300 by now.