Thursday, March 18, 2010


Over the last couple of weeks I have been re-watching the TV show West Wing. The TV series was cancelled several years ago but just recently I found a channel that was showing all of the reruns. So, I set my Tivo and started recording them. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed watching. The dialogue is quick and witty so you have to be "on your toes" if you want to understand all that is going on.

Today I bring you a very short clip from one of the episodes from the second season. This particular scene shows a young woman that has just been offered a job by the White House Chief of Staff. What makes this interesting is the fact that Ainsley Hayes (the young women offered the job) is a staunch Republican. Since the President of the United States in this TV series is a Democrat, it is very unusual that he would want to hire a Republican to serve in the West Wing of the White House.

Ainsley Hayes meets with the Chief of Staff with the full intention of declining the offer for a job. As the day continues, and as she walks around the White House, she discovers that the people that are working there are just normal people working hard to make the country better. Even though their political views may be far apart, they are just people trying to do what it right. At the end of her day, and after several short runin's with the senior staff at the White House, she decides to take the job and serve the President of the United States even though she is a Republican.

Here is the final scene of the episode.

It is my hope that the current administration that is occupying the White House is truly trying to do what is right and trying to make our country better. With all of the bad mouthing that is going on on the radio and TV, I can only pray that there are good honest people trying their best to make our country better.


Melinda said...

I guess I have a peon brain because that show just confused me. Maybe because I never watched two consecutive episodes.

I agree with your comment. Cheers to the Patriots!!!!!

Maybe I should start watching West Wing in place of the way to intense "24".

Susan said...

Cheers to the lovers of "West Wing"! I really enjoyed that show. I agree that I wish our present administration would have the same good hearts and make wise decisions. It is hard to govern and I really DO pray for them to want THEM to be praying also. But the USA has survived bad politics before and terrible tragedy, and distruction...and I believe that because of the faith and prayers of the good people the Lord will help us do the right thing.