Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween 2010

I tried to make a video of our family painting our front windows in preparation for Halloween but the video was dead boring. It was excruciatingly slow, like watching paint dry, humm, that is exactly what it was, letting paint dry.

So, to make it a bit more entertaining, I sped it up.

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Melinda said...

turned out darling! Good for you. that was a nice project.

Susan said...

Clint, you always surprise me with your ideas with your family. I have always enjoyed your window paintings but I just want to tell you that your really have an artistic flair! I thought it was just Rachael...then I discover you have a gift. I loved the paintings. what a fun family memory!

Marni said...

If only you could come down and freehand on my windows, because my kids don't have parents that artistically talented.