Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paper Route

When I was younger I swore that when I was older and was able to make the decisions about my life, that I would not under any circumstances, under threat of life and limb, make my kids do a paper route. I'm hear today to tell you that somehow, some way, I have failed to live up to that promise to myself. Yes, that is right, we are now a "Paper Route" family. Yes, one of THOSE strange families that get up at crazy hours in the morning to blacken their fingers with news print and find a way to stumble around the neighborhood and deliver the news of the day. Rain or Shine, sleepy or really sleepy, the newspapers must be delivered.

Andy (and Savanna for that matter) have been talking about a way to make money all summer. We have had them mow lawns but now that we have hit the time of year when grass begins to slow it's growth, we are faced with a challenge of how to allow them to earn money. There just aren't many chores around the house that merit pay. We don't have pigs to feed, cows to milk, hay to bail, (even though we do live smack dab in the middle of a large agricultural area). So, we toyed with the idea of taking on a paper route. For many months we checked the news paper only to find that the only routes available were to far away (Ahh, that really was a sad fact even though I was secretly happy). Then it happened. We woke up one morning and our own street was listed in the paper needing a paper deliverer (if that's a word). Hummm, how could I get out of that one? I hoped that it would go away but day after day our street showed up in the paper as needing a paper boy, (paper person for those of you keeping track of politically correct lingo).

Finally I gave in, went down to the Times News, and signed my life away as a parent of a paper boy.

We've only been delivering papers one week and I can already tell you, it still isn't any fun. I'm just hoping that when it is time to get paid, Andy and Savanna will think it was all worth it. The more likely scenario is that I will offer them the same pay for NOT doing the route anymore. :-)


Melinda said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That is so painful. I'm so sorry that God chose to teach you a lesson or something.
Maybe they will have some fun memories like we have. But yeah, most of the memories were 'I HATE DOING THIS>"

analee hirschi said...

totally agree with Melinda... yes it teaches work ethic, but mostly to you as the parent, but your kids will definitely have memories to tell about how their parents taught them work ethic... yes I was one of the few Carter's that didn't have a paper route, but I did it enough with Tiff and Blake that I felt like I had...

Susan said...

Clint, Have you lost your job and didn't tell us??? What other reason could there be for you to get a paper route for the kids??? Oh, the misery, the drudgery, the pain and suffering that you have now brought upon your children and yourself!!!! What makes me laugh is that after all the pain of having kids do paper routes, I don't remember them making any money. I really think it is just a mirage so you will have cool stories to tell about your suffering!!!