Sunday, February 06, 2011

Photo Project Gone Rogue

My friend Clark posted on his blog last week about a project that was started for photographers. The project was stated as follows:
"Taking photographs is fun. Sharing them is even better. Sticking with one theme a month, upload one photograph a week that somehow represents that theme.
One theme a month.
One photograph a week.
12 x4 = 48 photographs.
You in?"

I am definitely not a photographer, however it did sound like fun so I clickity clicked on over to the website and asked to join. After seeing a couple of the photos posted, I decided to go rogue and upload videos instead of photos. I hope they don't mind. It will give me a chance to try out some video production and video editing skills. Below was my first post.

Here is the URL for my Facebook Friends.


Melinda said...

you are such a rebel!@!!!!

Susan said...

You are always so creative!! I especially loved the music. I did notice that you didn't film the house next door. Good job!