Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

While listening to the Kid Kraddick Radio program this morning I was reminded that today was President's Day. We are supposed to be honoring our Presidents, as in the Presidents of the United States. Sure, there are POTUS's out there but there are also other Presidents, like Class President, School President, President of a business, etc. So, I started to think of instances of when I was a president. It hasn't happened very often but I was the President of the Deacon's Quorum, and a Young Men's President in my church, the Mormon Church. While I was working for my Dad at the Truck Driving School he said I could be President and CEO of the business so I might count that one. I'm also President of my online webstore business called But, I think that is about it.

When have you been a "President" so that we can honor you today? Maybe you ran for President of something at some point or had a calling of being President in your church. If you have, and obtained the title of President, we can salute you today, President's Day!

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