Saturday, March 05, 2011

Exciting Stuff ! ?

Ok, the title of this blog is a little deceptive. Nothing really exciting has happened since my last post which is why nothing has been posted. I guess there have been a few moderately exciting things so I guess I should make you aware of them.

Coby made the Twin Falls High School Tennis team. Not just the tennis team but he made the VARSITY TENNIS TEAM! He has been very jazzed about that all week.

Savanna went to a clogging competition in Boise and received a 1st Place award in three of her four clogging performances. This qualifies her to go to Nationals this summer to compete for a national award.

Andy has been playing basketball and was excited that he made Coach Jones' team. He has played #6 all season and even got to start in one of the games. He has enjoyed his time playing 8th grade bball even through they didn't have the winning'est season.

Katie has been practicing hard on the piano and will participate in her very first "Festival". Then, after the festival, she will be playing in a recital where her Dad will be playing a duet with her. I don't know who is more nervous about the recital, Katie or her Dad.

Well, there you have the "exciting" stuff that is going on. Ok, maybe moderately exciting occurrences in our family.

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