Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Coby's off to college

I know this happened a few months ago but I just found the pictures that I took so I'm posting this today.

We took Coby off to college at the end of August.  Coby bought a car from his grandpa at the end of the summer so we loaded up everything we could think of into the Lumina and headed for Logan.  We arrived at his apartment complex and checked in.  We wondered around a little bit trying to find Coby's exact apartment.  The apartment was on the second floor of a large apartment complex at the bottom of the hill close to USU Campus.  When you drop off of the hill, way down below the temple, the area is called "The Island".  Anyway, we found his place and started to unload his car and our Suburban.  After looking through the apartment, we realized that we had packed way to much stuff.  His room was very small.  Not only was it small but he had to share that room with another person.  So, he had to stuff a bunch of his belongings over into a closet close to his bed.  I think the other kids in the family were a little shocked with how little room was.

Below are some pictures of us moving Coby into his new apartment in Logan Utah.

We then took him up to campus and went shopping for some books for his classes.   Yikes, the prices were high so we looked online for a few of them to try and save some bucks.  After making the book purchases we decided to go and buy some food.  We went over to Walmart to stock him up on some food.

After getting back from the grocery store, we took the food into his kitchen and discovered we had bought way too much food.  We had taken up almost all of the room in the kitchen with just Coby's food.  Oops.  Anyway, I guess he could share if there wasn't any more room.

We then said goodbye and headed back to Twin Falls.  Mom and the girls shed a few tears as we left our oldest son in a city several hours away from home.  We knew that things would never be the same, but we also knew it was time for Coby to start his life on his own.

Since then, Coby has worked hard at college.  He had a job that ended just before Thanksgiving and probably won't start up again until March or April.  He has learned what it takes to get good grades in college.  He has learned the importance of studying and how much he needs to use the computer lab.  On one of his computer programming finals he worked and studied and was able to get a 100%.  We hope he continues to learn and grow as he gets closer to leaving to go on a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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