Sunday, January 13, 2013


This week a storm his Twin Falls Idaho and dumped a little bit of snow all over the place.  The dumping of the snow wasn't bad but the wind caused the snow to turn into a blizzard.  All of the schools around the area closed so that no one would be hurt while traveling.  So, what do all of the kids do when there is a snow day and they are out of school?  Yep, they run outside and play in the snow.

Unfortunately the snow day did not automatically translate into a day off of work for me.  I still had to work and still had to travel.  I spent most of the day in the office but managed to get a little work done too.

When I got home, Katie begged me to go sledding since she had already tested out the hill.  I wasn't up for sledding that day because I had "worked" all day, but I considered going on Saturday.

Saturday came around so I waited until just before the sun went down so I could hit the warmest part of the day to go sledding.  It still was not warm outside but I bundled up and went over to the small hill by the city pool to get in a few sledding runs before it was too dark.

Below are just a few videos of our experiences.

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