Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Harlem Shake

A few weeks ago my sister posted a video on youtube and named it the "Harlem Shake". I watched the video and saw her kids dancing to a crazy sounding song but didn't quite get what was going on. Later in the week when I was going through some of the videos on YouTube, I found the video and played it again. One of my kids was walking by and watched it too. She told me that she knew what this video was about. It was called the Harlem Shake. We then searched around youtube to fine more Harlem Shake videos. After viewing just a few, I figured out what was going on and then I said, "We are doing one of those videos for FHE!" My kids were skeptical and dismissed it immediately. But, I was ready so when Monday rolled around, I got out the video camera and tripod and told everyone to find something to wear because we were doing a Harlem Shake Video. They were all still skeptical but after I came down into the living room the energy started to build and everyone started to try and find something crazy to wear.

Once we had everything in place, we had to find someone crazy enough to start dancing while everyone else was just sitting there. I opened up the floor to volunteers. No one volunteered. In fact, they all said that I would have to do the dancing since it was my idea. I was ok with that but they would all have to live with the consequences.

Andy found the music and we started the video camera. I didn't know what I was going to do once the music started playing but I knew it had to be big and bold. So, the music started, I started tossing my arms around and ended up punching the air. After that, we stopped the video, put on crazy clothes, turned the music back on, and then went crazy for about 30 seconds.

We took two shots of the second half and then I combined it with the music and uploaded it to YouTube. It was a huge hit will all of our family and friends. Enjoy our "Harlem Shake" Video below.

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analee hirschi said...

still so funny!!!!