Friday, September 06, 2013


I don't know why I didn't do this earlier but I just bought a little keyboard for my ipad.  I guess I do know why I didn't to it earlier, it is because they are so dang expensive.  I looked around, watched and finally bought a bluetooth keyboard when it was on sale at BestBuy.  I had some points saved up so this little $100.00 keyboard actually cost around $21.00.  So, I'm typing up this little blog post on my new keyboard on my iPad.  What normally takes me about a half of an hour to type in with the on-screen keyboard, has only taken me a few minutes with my full size little keyboard. I love it.  Not only that, but it has a nice little case that I can use.  Not only does it have this nice little case, but it has a little slot that directs the speaker towards the front instead of towards the back.  So, I no longer have to cup my hand around the side of my ipad to hear anything.  Win, Win, Win.

It looks like this one.

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