Saturday, March 01, 2014

Saving Mr. Banks

I went with my wife to a movie tonight. Saving Mr. Banks.  It is a story about Walt Disney trying to convince Mrs. Travers to use her books about Mary Poppins to create a movie.  I was expecting to see a lot of behind the scenes of the Movie Mary Poppins but was taken on a journey of a young girl dealing with her father that is an alcoholic.

Even though there was no shooting, no bombs, no excitement, I was drawn into the story and started to ponder and wonder and meditate over what was going on.  There was something there for me to understand so I kept my mind open for themes and similarities.

Here are some of the things that ran through my head.  Walt Disney was a genius and surrounded himself with amazing people.  It made me want to be a part of something bigger. What could that "bigger" thing be?  Work?  Family?  Service?  Maybe I still don't know but it made me think of how I could be a part of something bigger.

I thought about people's childhoods and how they could be happy, sad, trials, struggles. I thought of my childhood and how good it was.

I also thought about writing stories.  Mrs. Travers wrote a story about Mary Poppins that was very personal to her. She didn't want someone to take that memory, that personal character that she knew or created and have someone portray it as something silly or goofy.  What are my stories. What is very personal to me.  What story can I tell.  Is there anything in my life that is important to tell other people.

Why do I write this blog.  For some reason I keep coming back to that question. I don't know if I've answered it before.  Is it for me?  Is it for my kids to read?  Is it for my grand kids to read?  Is it for great great grand kids to read?  I don't know.  I've also thought that my kids would look up my blog when I'm dead and use it to find things to talk about at my funeral.  They see me everyday but they don't know what goes on inside my head and what I think about.  Maybe these things will give them a little insight into my life and what I am thinking about. Who knows, maybe they won't look this over at all.  How much do I really look over the writings of my ancestors.  Maybe I should be reading their stuff.

Anyway, it got me thinking so I decided to come home and write something on my blog.  I know, nothing exciting, but at least I wrote something.

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