Monday, May 26, 2014

Rhonda Seamons Questions

My cousin Rhonda Seamons has been putting together some family history information and send me a couple of questions that she needed for the book.  I answered them to the best of my ability and so I decided to post the answers on my blog since I haven't done a post in a while.  here are the questions and answers.

What was the full name of your mission and the years that you were there?

I was called to serve in the Cali, Colombia mission in 1988 and served in that mission until the summer of 1989.  At that point in my mission the church evacuated all of the North American missionaries from Colombia.  I was then transferred to the Quito, Ecuador mission.  After arriving there I received the paperwork that I had been called to serve in the Quito Mission.  I served my second year in that mission until the summer of 1990.  So, I was called and served in two missions.  Cali Colombia and Quito Ecuador.

Have you written up a few sentences about your hobbies and/or your career?

I don't know if I really have any hobbies but I do have a few things I like to do.  For some reason I think of a hobby as making model airplanes or building a chest of drawers or something.  I guess my hobbies are Tennis and the Internet.  I love building websites.  I love updating my blogs.  I love how the internet works and brings information to people.  Somehow I have converted my love for the internet and computers and made a career out of it.  I still build websites for people, I fix computers for people, I sell computers and I help businesses become more efficient and more effective.  In a few short words I guess you could say I'm a computer geek.  What is very interesting is that in my patriarchal blessing which was given to me when I was a teenager, it states, "You shall become involved in administration.  You will understand the complexities of the world of business that you might be able to learn those things which will allow you to contribute to the success of men and women here upon the earth."  Now, how in the world would a patriarch know that some day I would be a computer geek and understand how computers, servers and networks would effect the business world.  In fact, on all of the computers and server systems I work on, I log in as "administrator".

I also like to play tennis.  I played tennis in High School but didn't really get into it very much.  I played on the High School Tennis Team but I never felt that I was very good.  Now, I have picked up tennis again and I play in a league.  Our team usually makes it to the district tournament in Boise.  I have also started volunteering as an assistant coach for the Twin Falls High School tennis team.  It has been fun to get into tennis again and I have found, that I'm not as bad as I thought I was.

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