Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eagle Scout

This weekend Coby Carter received his Eagle Scout Rank. We had his Eagle Court of Honor down at the river and had President Ward hand him his Eagle Scout award. Here are some pictures.

From Coby Eagle Scout

From Coby Eagle Scout

From Coby Eagle Scout

From Coby Eagle Scout

From Coby Eagle Scout

I took a few pages out of my Mom's Eagle Court of Honor play book and had 2 canoes ready to escort the 2 Eagles across the pond at the golf course and had them escorted by their mentors up to the Eagle Court of Honor. We had a bon fire, a bunch of flags and one big US Flag which made the event special. The weather was perfect and we all had a wonderful time. I think Coby felt special and that all the hard work had finally paid off.

Congratulations Coby!!!


Marni Hall said...

Congrats on having an Eagle son! What a great accomplishment. I am totally impressed by the court of honor. A day I'm sure he'll remember for a long time.

Rachael said...

Awesome event Clint. We still haven't had Blake's. We had been waiting for his friend to finish. We are planning for December. This brings back memories of a downpour. It looks like it turned out nice for Coby. Awesome flag!!!

Melinda said...

WAHOO!!!! I loved the idea of the canoes etc. I still remember yours and Blakes down there. It looks like a great day. We were thinking of you yesterday.

Susan said...

Congratulations to Coby!!! We thought about you all Saturday. It made us soooo sad that we couldn't be there. I was with Milan and he is totally into scouting. He has some great ideas that might be worth getting started in your STAKE now that you are involved there. Everything looked like it went so well. I think that the Eagle award needs to be made special if other boys want to follow. You have made a Huge contribution to all the boys you've worked with. We are proud of Coby....and so proud of you and Deanna.