Monday, September 15, 2008

Summer of Coby

Well, with all of the happenings this Summer, who knew that it would turn out to be "The Summer of Coby" (in a deep announcing voice)!

Andy played baseball the first part of the summer where he traveled all over the state to play in "All Star" tournaments.

Savanna had clogging competitions at Lagoon and performed in several locations.

Deanna played tennis for the local tennis league.

I didn't do much of anything.

BUT, COBY, he had a pretty awesome summer.
Coby finished his Duty To God award for Deacons. Coby finished his Eagle Scout award and should receive his patch within the next couple of weeks. Coby practiced and performed for the Prophet at the Youth Cultural Celebration. Coby was ordained a Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood. Coby began seminary this year. Wow, what a list of accomplishments.

Now, on a lighter side. Coby has a group of friends that have started messing around with making video clips and they have now published their first video on You Tube. Here is a link to their short video. Yes, it is a little goofy, well, who are we kidding, it is really goofy, but they did it and they plan on doing more. Coby is only in the first scene but they are planning on doing a re-make of their first video and adding Coby to the cast.

The video is called "Totally Pointless". You will see that the title matches the performance.


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Melinda said...

uh..........pointless. All of us here would have had more fun watching if Coby would have been in it longer.