Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Sites

Well, you know me, well, maybe you don't but I am a computer geek. With that geekyness I should be up on all of the new technology and new websites that are out there. Sorry to disappoint but I haven't been. One of the reasons for my lack of nerdyness is that I have been serving as the YMP (Young Mens President) in our ward. Last week I was released. You have all probably felt the same disappointment and releaf that comes along with being released. I'm both sad and glad at the same time. Very strange. Just yesterday I went over to the church to help with some "Board of Review" interviews, and the youth were meeting for their Mutual activity. I found myself wanting to go in and feel the excitement but at the same them, the calm, knowing I wasn't in charge. So, after getting home last night, I had a smile on my face because I didn't have the stress of making sure everything was running correctly in the YM program.

Anyway, getting back to my point. I have ventured out into 2 new internet sites and I must say, they are both addicting. They are definitely not "NEW" websites, but they are new to me. The first one is Craig's list. This is so much fun to browse through the items that are available for sale in my local area. Almost every day now I take a minute to checkout what people have listed from Twin Falls Idaho. The second site is FaceBook. And what do you know, I already have 9 friends. It sure makes me feel special.

I know, I know, these sites have been around for a long time and most of you are already members and have been checking them out every so often. This just shows you just how much time I have spent on the internet lately and how much time I have had to just goof around.


Melinda said...

WEll congratulations on your new calling. He is in the...........oh........maybe I can't tell.

Anyway, I like craigslist and whenever i know what i'm looking for i go there first. Facebook.......not so much.
Tom will be your friend. send me your facebook link so i can at least be a lurker. whats the diff between a blog and facebook page.

Tiffany said...

That does have to be a hard position to let go of a big calling like that. Sad but a happy thing too.