Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween 08

When I was a kid, we used to get out all of Mom's acrylic paints and paint the front window in our house. We had a huge front window which consisted of one large paine and 2 smaller windows on each side. Rachael was our artist in the family and it seemed like every year she would draw a design on the window, with a crayon at first, to outline the images we would paint. Then, we would paint over the crayon markings with black paint to give detail to the pictures. Then, the fun part. We filled in the blank spaces with all sorts of colors. We really loved painting the front windows.

I decided one year, to give it a try on our front windows. I am definitely not an artist and everything I draw has to be plagiarized, but the kids really enjoy painting our front windows. Here is a sampling of our work.

Fun Looking Monster

Pumpkins and Trick or Treat (which I had to write backwards to look correct in the window)

Cat and Pumpkin

Ok, so the pictures are not great and the camera that took the photos were from my cell phone so they look very very rough, but I think you get the cut of my gib. (a quote from Dennis Miller)


Melinda said...

that was a fun tradition.

Tiffany said...

Your windows look awesome. I wish we could find a picture of our window when we were growing up. It would be fun to see again. That was standard tradition at Halloween.

Marni Hall said...

That is SO awesome, now I need all the how to's. Just the paint straight, or watered down a bit? And how easy is it (the crayon especially) to get it off the windows?

I am not crafty at all so I feel inferior to all these holidayified houses. This would definitely keep me in "coolest mom in the neighborhood" status.

Rachael said...

That is so awesome. It brought back so many memories for me. I haven't really ever done that here in Oregon. You are good about making good memories for your kids.

Susan said...

I love your Halloween windows!!! I don't know how you pledgerized the pictures but I think you did a GREAT job!! Yes it is messy. Yes, sometimes the paints drip on the window sill and maybe even on the carpet...but I thought it was way fun and made our house cool. By the way, we got the idea from the Connover family who had a way cooler mom who could draw anything and it looked professional. Keep the tradition alive!!! MOM