Thursday, October 23, 2008

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I have been following a blog called LDSWebGuy for a few months now and he always has some interesting "tech" information about the Church. One of his posts a few weeks ago announced a place where the Youth in the church could comment about how they felt about General Conference. I liked the idea so I sent the link to all of my kids to see if they would comment.

Savanna was the only one that picked up on it and typed something up. I wasn't sure if they would use her comments or not but when I looked today, her post had been published on the LDS Website. She typed this all by herself without any help from her parents. In fact, I asked her yesterday if she had written something and she said she had but didn't remember what she had said. I think it is awesome that they added it to the youth comments.

Here is the LINK to that page. Great Job Savanna!

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Melinda said...

She did a great job. I liked the part where she said that if she met Pres Monson, she'd ask him lots of questions. SO WOULD I!!!!