Sunday, February 22, 2009

full length movie? "Just In Time"

This week, I decided to try my hand at a full length, (ok, not full length) movie. We've named it "Just in Time". I created the script, chose my actors and went for it. I tried to add some comedy and drama. You will notice that both of my actors have a hard time not looking at the camera. You might also see them smiling when they really should be smiling. However, they were good sports and allowed me to do my stuff. I'm actually pretty pleased at how it turned out. I learned quite a bit and will use some different techniques for my next movie. Enjoy the show.


Melinda said...

III think that you wanted them to clean and are brilliant to come up with the video idea@!!!!! So so so smart!!!!

Loved it!
cool music in the background and the laughing.

Susan said...

Since it's the night of the Academy Awards I think that I will nominate Savanna Carter and Katie Carter for BEST ACTRESSES!!! and I vote and Academy aware for not only BEST PICTURE, but BEST DIRECTOR, BEST SCRIPT WRITER and also BEST MUSIC. I think it will be a TOtal the Oscars. Great Job...hehe!!!