Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ski Trip

I went with Andy's 6th grade class to Pomerelle ski resort this Wednesday for a ski trip. We received some free ski classes before they let us loose on the mountain. After getting used to my borrowed skis, from my brother Blake, I took my chances on the man made jumps.

Ok, so my jumps are REALLY, REALLY LAME but that is all of the courage I could muster up for the jump. Maybe I'll take it faster next time, which will probably be in a few years when Savanna has her 6th grade ski trip.

The last jumper is Andy. Andy did very good for his second or third time skiing. He was even brave enough to take the jumps.

The weather was perfect. There was 2 feet of new snow and the lines were short. It was just a great day to be skiing.


Marni said...

The slo-mo rocks! :) "And he lived to tell about it."

Melinda said...

The weather looks beautiful. I was worried Andy wouldn't make it over the bumP. :) Glad you had a super time.

Clark Draney said...

That looks so fun. I am WAY jealous.

Susan said...

I know that you must be preparing for the Winter Olympics. Great jumps. It looks so fun. I'm glad you got to go. It reminds me of old times up at Pomerelle.