Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday at Sawtooth Elementary they had their ISAT tests. I don't know much about the ISAT test but, from what I understand, the test is taken on a computer. Each student starts answering test questions at their own grade level. As the student answers questions correctly, they continue until the computer determines where their ability stops. Theoretically, if they keep answering questions correctly, they can continue into high school level questions. Again, I don't know but I think that is how it works.

The reason I explain that is, that after school, my daughter came up to me and told me that she got a good score on her ISAT's. I don't know what a good score is so I just congratulated her on her accomplishment. Then, she paused and stated that she received the highest score in the school. A little skeptical, I asked, you mean in your class, or in the 4th grade? No, she replied, I received the highest score at Sawtooth. Still a little leery of her statement, I asked Deanna and she confirmed, Savanna had the highest ISAT score in the whole school. Higher than all of the 6th graders scores. Needless to say our 6th grader, Andy, was not happy to hear about this little juicy fact.

CONGRATULATIONS Savanna on getting the highest ISAT score in her whole school. I can tell you one thing, she didn't not inherit my test taking abilities, that gene came from her mother.


Melinda said...

WOWSA!!! Congratulations to Savanna. She might be your millionare. Tap into that brain!!!

Marni said...

Super cool bragging rights! Too bad for big brother. But he can always beat her up I'm sure, so they each have their strong points. :)

Ammon said...

That grinding sound you hear is Andy gritting his teeth from frustration.

analee hirschi said...

that is so great!!! what an accomplishment and great bragging rights against her brothers!!!