Sunday, May 02, 2010

Auger Falls

A couple of weeks ago I had heard about a hike that was fairly new that was down in the snake rive canyon. I decided to load up the kids and our dog and try out the new trail. I was warned by the article in the newspaper that the walk was a little long and that it would be much easier on a bike. Well, I wanted to try it anyway so we set off down into the canyon to enjoy the warm weather. This little trail followed the Snake River from the Perine Bridge down to a section of the river named "Auger Falls". I wasn't sure how long it was but it couldn't be too bad.

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After about 2 miles of walking, all of us, including Jack, our dog, were tired and thirsty. I decided to stop and rest a second and take an inventory of our situation. This had become a very, very long walk. I decided to ask one of the people returning, just how much further we needed to go. When I inquired, the hikers exclaimed, it is still a long way to the falls. RATS! My mind was made up, we were turning back. On the way back, Katie's feet started to hurt and everyone was hot and thirsty. I gave Kate my socks so her feet would feel better.

We talked a lot about the pioneers and that we were pretty much wimps. We talked about our trip to Martin's Cove. I think the Cove hike is about 6 miles round trip and we just about died with a 4 mile walk. I guess if we knew it was going to be so far, we would have prepared a little better and brought water with us.

I thought that this was the end of our Auger Falls story but yesterday morning, I noticed a bug in Jack's ear. We discovered that he had a tick! Just another happy reminder of our trip through the sage brush on our way to not making it to Auger Falls.


analee hirschi said...

that looks like a great bike trail.

Melinda said...

looks like you'll have to make it a bike ride next time. The road doesn't look too bad for bikes.

Susan said...

Six miles is quite a walk. It doesn't sound like much but it's long. Just remember that the pioneers only made about 15 miles a day when conditions were good. I think you should try the Auger Falls walk again. This time bring water, some snacks, good shoes and make it a day. Except I hate the idea of ticks. ick!