Monday, May 17, 2010

water softener

I didn't have much planned for this Saturday. I was excited about having a nice leisurely weekend. As I stumbled around I decided to go down to the laundry room to move some wet cloths from the washer to the dryer. I turned around to look at our water softener and noticed a small leak coming from a small tube on the filter. The leak was a small steady stream of water that sprayed over onto the water heater. As I moved closer to see how bad it was, it was at that moment that I knew my Saturday had taken on a whole new theme. It was "Replace the Water Softener" weekend.

I was so excited (you all know how excited I get when there is plumbing to do) that I ran quickly upstairs and grabbed my BUCKET OF PIPE FITTINGS! Unfortunately none of the fittings would work for the delicate plumbing job I was about to undertake. So I turned off the water to the house and ran to Lowes to find a new water softener. I don't know if any of you know, this is not a cheap proposition. I picked the softener that best fit our families size and wept as I opened my pocketbook to pay out the $500.00.

After 3 more trips home and back to Lowes, I finally had the plethora of pipes and connectors to put my new softener into action.

After replacing our softener, we have noticed a huge difference in water pressure. We used to wait 10 minutes for the toilets to fill up and only one person could shower at a time. With our new softener, we enjoy a full complement of pressure which makes nice showers, but also uses up our hot water much quicker.


Melinda said...

We need one too. $500????? Yikes I don't want to buy one......but ours is 20 yrs old.

More pipe fittings for you!!!!Hurray!!!

analee hirschi said...

that looks like a fancy water softener... one that is more sleek for the new generation.
awesome that you used your bucket-o-pipe fittings!

Susan said...

Don't you just hate those Saturdays?? I just wish manufacturers would just build something that would last FOREVER!!!! No sediment salt...just beautiful perfection! Let's see...when will that be?

Holby said...

LOL You're probably going to save $500/month in water bills!