Saturday, May 22, 2010

Take me out the the Ball Game

My brother Blake will be getting married next month and I have been thinking about doing video's of weddings for some reason. I've watched a few on YouTube that were very well done. Not only did the videographer capture video of the newlyweds and the attendees at the wedding, but the video also captured some of the unseen ambiance and detail of the wedding. For expample, one of the videos shows the flower arrangements, or the shoes of the groom all shiny, or just a couple holding hands. It inspired me to try and capture some of that "other" feeling in my videos. So, with that in mind, I drew my flip video out of my holster and began to shoot. I didn't add any transitions but I tried to add some "color" to my video'ing. I really don't think it added much to a baseball video but I am sure it would have been better if I was filming a wedding.

Anyway, if you would like to watch the vid, here it is.

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Melinda said...

fun video. I loved when you cracked the peanut with one hand. I also noticed that when you started it was daytime.......and when you finished it was dark. That's why I don't like baseball. The games take FOREVER!!!!!

Susan said...

Great video. You really did capture the feel of the game. The highs when you make the base and the lows when you strike out. Makes me remember how much fun we had at your games.