Saturday, November 06, 2010

Adventure in a Semi-Truck

Periodically I get little assignments from my Dad to do little projects here and there. Sometimes they are a little challenging. This time I was asked to pickup a Semi-Truck from the mechanic's shop and drive it out to the Truck Stop. In my truck driving days, this would have been a breeze, but as you might see in the video, I am a little rusty. Ok, in reality I never was really good at driving the semi truck. I decided to take Katie along with me to document our adventure.

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Melinda said...

That was pretty comical. Loved the gear grinding. Did you do that today.......after you did papers, and after I woke you to get my kids? What a fun Saturday you are having.

Susan said...

II am excited that you have kept up on your truck-driving abilities!! I'm sure if times get tough in the computer business that you could have a career as a semi-driver! I also loved the gear grinding but what I loved most was the great confidence Katie had in you. How fun!