Sunday, November 28, 2010


Our family got together this year at my Sister's house in Boise Idaho. Not all of the family was able to come but we had a good sized group. I decided to take along my flip video to document the festivities. Actually, I almost forgot the flip, but my wonderful wife remembered and stuck it in my coat pocket.

We had a great time eating, playing volleyball, watching Harry Potter, playing games, watching the BSU game and enjoying each other's company.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to my sister and her husband for hosting the celebration! We had a great time.

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Melinda said...

that was so so awesome. It totally captured the weekend. I loved having you here and I'm so glad you were able to stay for so long. HOpe it was a nice break from waking up SO super early to do papers.
Loves to you.

analee hirschi said...

what a fun weekend. We wish we were there to share in the festivities. soon though. It was weird to see everyone in sweaters and turtle necks.