Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grandma's Stories

My previous post talked about some stories and poems that my Grandma Erma Blake used to tell us when we were younger. When typing up the post, I began searching for a recording that I knew I had so I could link to it along with my post. As I searched more and more, I began to panic because I could not find the recordings anywhere. I looked on my new computer, my old computer, my work computer with no luck. Yikes, I hope I didn't lose it.

In a frantic attempt to find the missing files, I grabbed my Ancient computer from the pile of computer rubble and booted it up and started a search. Thankfully, I found all of the recordings. So, if you would like to hear my Grandma tell these little stories, here are the links.

The Little Orphan Annie
Johnathan Bing


Melinda said...

kewl. as you would say. Glad you found it in the rubble.
Can I save it to my computer from your blog? or do you need to send it to my by email?

Clint Carter said...

You should be able to right click on the link and "save" it to your computer.