Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have stared to listen to Dennis Miller on the radio in the mornings as I am headed to work and while I am skateboarding around town trying to solve computer problems for people. I find his musings very entertaining and very insightful. I really like his show because he is always using vocabulary that I am unfamiliar with and he uses analogies that really make you stop and think. Once you stop and think about his analogy and how it fits into his line of thinking, you have just missed the next 10 seconds of his rant. So, you really have to be on your toes to be able to keep up with his discussion.

Dennis Miller

Here is Dennis's website. If you want to listen live, just click on "Listen Live Free" in the middle section. You could also go to this website link, and click on "Download a segment here". Or, click this link to download and listen to his "Pitch" right here.

Once I was listening to Dennis and a caller called in and made the following comment, "I love your show Dennis but I must admit, I only "get" about 1/3 of that you are saying.". Dennis replied, "That's ok because I am making up about 2/3's of what I say."

Anyway, check out the Dennis Miller Show the next time you are in the car and are sick of the all of the other radio personalities out there. I liken this radio show to the concentration and depth of knowledge you need to watch "West Wing".

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Melinda said...

what station is he on? After I finish this book on tape, I'll give him a try.