Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

I don't know why, but every time I have to spell Halloween I have to sing the song in my head so that I spell it right. Have you heard the song?

H - A - Double L, Oh - Double U - Double E, N spells Halloween.

Anyway, only two of our kids dressed up this year for Fright Night. This year was not much of a fright since our two girls dressed up as a cow girl and a princess.

Here are there cute little outfits.

The last little video that I would like to share with everyone today is our paintings on our front windows and pumpkin that we submitted for judgement at our elementary school.
Last year we submitted a pumpkin entry and received The Grand Champion award, this year, we earned the "Most Complicated". Hummm, they must have been running out of creative awards to give out.

Our window painting lacked a little imagination but we kept up the tradition despite lack of interest and creativity. Enjoy the Video.


Tiffany said...

Love the pumpkin. I miss living in a place where you can still have Halloween (yes I just sang the song too) at school. The window looks great too. I'm impressed.

Susan said...

I love that you have the window Halloween Painting tradition. I can see that the kids love it and probably so do the neighbors. Katie and Savanna looks so cute. Katie's cowgirl outfit just seems to fit her perfectly! Tell her that her "aunt estee" was also a cowgirl at Halloween. Savanna's outfits is beautiful. Did Grandma Judy make it. I really miss Halloween also. It was always so fun to walk around with you kids and enjoy the fun of the evening.

Rachael said...

Do you remember the great Halloween primary parties we use to go to? That is where we learned the song. Do you remember a song a about the whitch? I love that your family paints your front windows, it brings back SO many memories. Samantha and Carissa were cowgirls for Halloween. Samantha was actually several things. She had an 80's dance the week before. A disney Halloween costume party the night before. On Halloween she was a cowgirl and for the youth church party she was a runner, and at school she was super girl. Wow, I thought I was kind of winding down the costume bit, but nope, as they get older they have more of a social life. Well Samanatha does. Blake really didn't get that into it. Cason didn't dress up either.