Wednesday, December 29, 2010

100th Video

It is official, I have now uploaded 100 videos to YouTube!!!!

The very first video I posted on YouTube happened December 02, 2008 it was entitled Christmas Morning 2007. I don't know why it took so long for me to upload my first video. I didn't know much about videos, uploading, youtube or editing at that point. The video was actually shot by my brother Blake.

The most recent video I shot and uploaded to YouTube was from Christmas 2010. It is a small video of my parents playing our new game on the Wii called Band Hero.

The video with the MOST hits came from a brief visit to a robotics competition. It was called First Lego League. It has now had over 5,300 hits!

And finally, in honor of my 100th video on YouTube, I'll put a few of my favorite videos to date.

Andy at Camp Bradley (Old Spice Commercial)

Savanna, Katie, Andy and I doing the Wass Up commercial with our own twist.

And finally, me and Coby doing the Banadana Skit at a Carter Family Reunion.

If you like some of these videos, click on the subscribe button when you get to YouTube and you will see all of my latest videos each time I upload a new one. (You have to be a member of YouTube of course)


Melinda said...

all these are awesome. My favorites are the whatzup and the old spice scouting. Classic!!!!

Susan said...

I vote for the Wazup and the scouting one also!! Those are award winners. Hope to see 100 more this year. They are so fun and involve all the family.!!