Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I was in Costco with Deanna walking through the isles when I saw a huge bin of these bears. I thought it would be a cool gift to give the girls this year so I checked out the price. Well, the price was right so I told Deanna I would come back later and pick them up.

Below is a picture of my shopping cart.

I couldn't post these pictures until after Christmas but I just had to let people see how ridiculous I looked when trying to buy my girls a Christmas present this year.


Melinda said...

we'll do about anything for our kids, huh? Even make ourselves look ridiculous.
Hope it was a good day.

Sparky said...

Good shopping, Santa! We picked-up the same thing in the Old English Sheep dog variety for Emily! Truly, it filled the shopping cart and car! My little girl LOVED it and I am certain yours did, too. Glad you had a wonderful day! -Taunya

Susan said...

I love that picture. And the girls were so excited about the bears. I can just see them snuggled up in their rooms reading and napping. Good choice Santa.